Custom Artwork

LEP1 Customs offers artwork for all of our arcade kits. We create artwork in many retro styles like the original arcade game cabinets and custom orders. 

Here is how the process works:


  1. Fill out the form below with your cabinet model and what type of artwork you are looking for. 


    • If you are looking for us to replicate an original cabinet please provide the name of the game. 
    • If you are looking for a mix of items, please be as thorough and complete in your description as possible. 
    • If you want to design your own artwork, you can.  However, we do not have templates for external use.  We can work with you to fit your artwork to our kits, but artwork elements should be in separate layers in case items need to be moved to fit cabinets.  Raster images should be in multi-layered PSD files(at least 300dpi) and Vector images should be in multi layered AI files.
2. We will respond to make sure that the request is clear and
3. After the request is confirmed, we will respond with an
4. Upon approval of scope and estimate from you, we will send
an invoice.
5. Once the invoice is paid, we begin creating the artwork for
6. When artwork is complete, it is shipped to you in an artwork
tube so it arrives to you safely.

For more information regarding artwork for your kit, please fill out the form below or send an email directly to

Artwork is billed and shipped separately from all other orders. Prices vary by kit and artwork complexity.

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