LVL32X4 4 Player Bartop Arcade Cabinet Kit for 27" to 32" screens(SANWA ONLY)

LVL32X4 4 Player Bartop Arcade Cabinet Kit for 27" to 32" screens(SANWA ONLY)

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LVL32X4 Bartop / Tabletop Arcade Cabinet Kit for up to a 32” Screen by LEP1 Customs


This enormous kit contains the pre-cut, routed, and pre-drilled MDF for a DIY Bartop/Tabletop Arcade Cabinet, and is the ONLY kit to feature the following:

  • VESA Mounting Panel for up to a 32" Widescreen TV or 32" Widescreen Monitor (Up to 30" wide)
  • Pre-routed integrated marquee bracket
  • Pre-routed baton indents for easier assembly
  • Adjustable horizontal monitor positioning
  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting two 4" speakers
  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting four Sanwa Style Joysticks and the buttons
  • Pre-drilled holes for cabinet assembly
  • Numbered baton supports and the screws for basic assembly

To assemble the basic cabinet, all you need to supply is the wood glue and a screwdriver. That's right, all parts needed to assemble the basic cabinet are included (except for the wood glue)!

For a complete assembly, we suggest the following parts (not included):

  • Up to 32" Widescreen LCD Monitor (cabinet has 25.5" internal width)
  • Four screws for LCD VESA Mount (four or eight washers are suggested)
  • Four Joysticks with Sanwa mounting pattern
  • Eight Screws, eight washers, and eight nuts for joystick mounting
  • Twenty-four Sanwa Style Arcade Buttons [30mm] and eight Sanwa Style coin/start buttons [24mm]
  • Two 4" Speakers
  • Eight screws, eight washers, eight nuts for speaker mounting
  • Game system (Raspberry Pi, Game Elf, Pandora's Box, Mini PC, etc)
  • Power supply
  • Wiring (as needed by Game System, speakers, and monitor)
  • Marquee insert
  • Plexiglass to cover LCD (optional/personal taste)
  • Marquee backlight (optional/personal taste)
  • Light sandpaper
  • Primer
  • Paint


Interior Width: 30"

Exterior Width: 35"

Exterior Height: 29 3/4"

Exterior Depth: 20 1/4"

Weight: 70lb