GTAP - Large format arcade pedestal kit
GTAP - Large format arcade pedestal kit

GTAP - Large format arcade pedestal kit

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GTAP Easy to Assemble Large format arcade pedestal

Whether you need an arcade pedestal for your favorite golf game, light gun shooter, or your favorite classics, the GTAP large format pedestal has you covered.

This kit comes in many control panel variations in both HAPP and Sanwa styles, 6 or 8 action button formats, and can accommodate either a generic trackball (4" square cut - appropriate mount required and sold elsewhere), or an Ultimarc U-Trak trackball)

Need a place to put your gaming projector?  It can be seated on the top panel?

Want to add cup holders?  No problem.  We offer optional two 2.5" or 2.75" diameter cuts for your cup holders.

This kit also allows for two 4" speakers to be mounted in the rear.

Choose your pedestal options when checking out:

HAPP joystick mounting pattern, 28mm buttons

6 or 8 action buttons

Sanwa joystick mounting pattern 24mm coin/start buttons, 28/30mm action buttons

6 or 8 action buttons



Generic (4" square cutout - will require a mount purchased elsewhere)

U-Trak by Ultimarc

Cup Holder:


2.5" hole

2.75" hole



This kit contains the pre-cut, routed and pre-drilled MDF for a DIY Large format Arcade Pedestal, and is the ONLY kit to feature the following:

Pre-routed baton indents for easier assembly Pre-drilled holes for cabinet assembly Baton supports and the screws for basic assembly

To assemble the basic pedestal, all you need to supply is the wood glue and a screwdriver. That's right, all parts needed to assemble the basic pedestal are included (except for the wood glue)!

For a complete assembly, we suggest the following parts (not included):

Appropriate joysticks, buttons, and encoders based on your option choice, appropriate trackball based on your choice (Ultimarc U-Trak trackball or generic trackball and mount to fit in 4" square hole), appropriate cup holders based on your choice, Game system, two 4" speakers, 8 screws - 8 washers - 8 nuts for speaker mounting), wiring, Light Sandpaper, Primer, Paint, Artwork


The listing pictures feature our kit unsanded and assembled with items that are not included: wood glue

The assembly was easy enough to be completed by one adult arcade enthusiast. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.