Pandora's Box Drop-In Arcade Pedestal Kit DIY Kit DPAP

Pandora's Box Drop-In Arcade Pedestal Kit DIY Kit DPAP

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Pandora's Box Drop-In Arcade Pedestal Kit DIY Kit flat pack mdf DPAP

This Arcade Pedestal Kit, when complete stands 34" tall and is ready for your Pandora's Box, clone, or variant. With a hole cut slightly larger than the joystick console base, you can drop your Pandora's Box in and play.


This kit contains the pre-cut, routed and pre-drilled MDF for a Pandora's Box Drop-In Arcade Pedestal, and is the ONLY kit to feature the following:

Pre-routed baton indents for easier assembly

Pre-drilled holes for cabinet assembly

Baton supports and the screws for basic assembly

To assemble the basic pedestal, all you need to supply is the wood glue and a screwdriver.

That's right, all parts needed to assemble the basic pedestal are included (except for the wood glue)!

For a complete assembly, we suggest the following parts (not included):

Pandora's Box Joystick Console (with base measuring 24"x7.5")

Light Sandpaper




The listing pictures feature our kit unsanded and assembled with items that are not included: wood glue, and Pandora's Box

The assembly was easy enough to be completed by one adult arcade enthusiast.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.